Lambing in Eskdale going well.

Today in Eskdale lots of sheep farmers are lambing sheep, lots of farmers hope for girls to breed off.

In our school we have lots of local farmers (like me).

Even though we are all quite young that doesn’t mean we can’t help out on the farm especially the year sixes (because they are going into secondary soon).

Lambing round here is fun you get lots of family time and new birth but one of our students had a wonderful surprise! His sheep was meant to have one lamb… but it had six!

But on the 17/4/2021 they all sadly passed away.

But lots of farmers go through these things but there is still hope it does not mean there will be no more life there will always be a passage of light in our universe.

The cycle of life because spring will go into summer will go into autumn will go into winter lots of baby animals will be born.

By Lucy Brownrigg Year 4