Friends of Eskdale School

Friends of Eskdale School (FOES)

About Us

Friends of Eskdale School is a voluntary organisation that supports the school and raises money to enrich the curriculum and benefit the children.  We are an active, friendly committee made up of parents, teachers, governors and other members of the local community.  The school is very much part of our local community and our main fundraising event is the annual Eskdale Art Show.

Our Aims

  • To enrich and enhance the learning experience and resources for the pupils at St Begas CofE Primary School in Eskdale by raising funds.
  • To support the children’s development to enable them to contribute to a more sustainable local community.
  • To raise awareness about the school and what we do, to reach the local community and beyond.
  • To Support the school community and work closely with staff to decide how money raised should be spent.

What We Do

We raise money in three principal ways:

  • Large Community Events such as the annual Eskdale Art Show, the 2021 Eskdale Village Summer Shindig and the school’s 50th birthday celebration. These events also support local businesses (e.g. provision of catering and entertainment).
  • Working with organisations who wish to support community improvement projects such as the Low Level Waste Repository, who match funded the recent Library Project.
  • Small Community Events such as bingo evenings, raffles, pub quizzes and coffee mornings.


Current and recent project

Our upcoming and recent fundraising events include:

  • Pub quiz
  • Eskdale Art Show

Other resources and visits that FOES have supported:

Santa Train for class one children

Visit to the Theatre by the Lake

The building of an Anglo Saxon house on the school grounds

Christmas Dinner was paid for by FOEs for all the children in the school.

Visits to museums and attractions.

Zoolab – Meeting exotic animals

Crafty Workshop

Who we are:

All parents and members of the community with an interest in the school are welcome to share their ideas or join the committee. 

Current committee

Chair: Marie Staniforth

Secretary: Vacancy

Treasurer: Paul Botterill

School Governor: Madonna Adams

School Representative: Liz Stellmacher

Parent Member: Meghann Crowe

Parent Member: Bobby Jones

Parent Member: Rebecca Wallace

Parent Member: James Fry

Parent Member: Otty Fry

Parent Member: Gareth Jones

Parent Member: Natasha Clark

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We are a registered charity with the Charity Commission: Number 1049119